Underground Updates

At the end of Reintegration, I revealed the title of the Coming-Soon-Book-2.


Really, I should retitle it Ashley Has No Clue What She’s Doing. Because writing a sequel is tough. Reintegration was one of the easiest things I’ve ever written. Underground is a problem child. A lot of this stems from the fact that writing a sequel is an entirely different process than writing a stand-alone or a first book.

Sequels are a bit harder than first books because it’s all about balance. Balancing consistency with Book 1 and creating something fresh. Balancing introducing new characters and continuing to develop old ones. Balancing giving readers what they expect and sticking with my original story plan. Balancing what feedback to use from positive reviews and what feedback to use from negative reviews. Balancing providing recap of previous events and keeping the current story moving.

Too much balancing for a clumsy person like me, in my opinion. 🙂

It is a nice challenge, though. Underground has really forced me to build a deeper story than ReintegrationAs of right now, I’m almost 50,000 words in. Even though it’s giving me some troubles, I’m super excited about the story that’s unfolding for Katherine and the other characters. Underground is a little more exciting than Reintegration. The stakes are higher. There’s quite a few surprises. And I’m setting up for a twisty ending that leads into Book 3.

I’m hoping to share an official summary soon.

Sadly, my weekly writing time has drastically been reduced due to a lovely thing called homework. I’m dying to make progress on Underground, but speech outlines and algebra quizzes and lengthy textbook readings keep interfering. 😉

A sincere “thank you” to everyone who has read/reviewed Reintegration. Your kind and thoughtful comments always make me that much more excited to get back to work on Underground. 

I’ll continue to post updates on how Underground‘s progress is going.

Your turn:

Writers, what does your sequel-writing process look like?

Readers, what do you look for in a sequel? 


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Blog Tour+Review: Wanted by Bryan Davis

Hello, everyone!

I apologize for my infrequent posting schedule as of late. My life got extremely busy these last few weeks, but here I am today with a blog tour post!

I recently discovered how fun blog tours are and how great they are for authors to get the word out about new books. When one of my Goodreads friends informed me that Bryan Davis was doing a blog tour for his new book, I signed up to do a review (Bryan Davis is the author of Christian fantasy books like Starlighter and Dragons in our Midst). 

His newest book, Wanted: A Superhero to Save the World, is a middle-grade adventure story. Middle-grade means books written for an eight-to-twelve-years-old audience. So this book was definitely a bit of a change from my typical YA reads in terms of writing style and themes (and the lack of teenage drama). 😉 Think of it as a younger version of Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson. 


-About the Book-

Eddie Hertz is smart, real smart. He has to be. What other twelve-year-old patrols the streets of Nirvana alone, hoping to foil the schemes of the evil Mephisto? Since Eddie is small for his age, he trusts in his Batman-style gadgets belt and acrobatic skills as well as lots of experience, like knowing how to swing across dark alleys without being seen.

Eddie has a dream, to become like Damocles, Nirvana’s great superhero. To make that dream come true, Eddie invented a device that is supposed to give him superpowers, but using it on himself is dangerous, maybe even fatal. He doesn’t have the nerve to try it.

When Mephisto unleashes an earthquake machine on the city, Eddie gets a surprising teammate — his quirky eight-year-old sister, Samantha, who comes up with an unexpected way to help Eddie in the frantic battle to prevent the biggest earthquake of all.

Since Damocles has lost his ability to help in physical form, Eddie and Samantha are the only hope for Nirvana and the world.

Available on Amazon

-About the Author-

Bryan Davis is the author of several bestselling series, including Dragons in Our Midst and the Reapers Trilogy, speculative fiction for youth and adults. Bryan and his wife, Susie, work together as an author/editor team to create his imaginative tales.

-My Review-

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, most of what I read falls under the YA category–I didn’t read a whole lot of middle-grade books. So I wasn’t sure what to expect with Wanted: A Superhero to Save the World. By the time I finished, though, I decided this was a fun, light-hearted story that made for an enjoyable read.

I will admit that I am obviously not the target audience, so I did find the writing and themes to be a little simplistic. Some elements were extremely cheesy (much like in most superhero movies). In a way, though, the lack of drama and seriousness I usually find in books was refreshing. This was just an exciting, fun story with likable characters. Eddie and his sister, Sam, were an adorable duo of crime fighters and I loved how they stood up for each other.

I recommend this book for younger readers looking for a clever, exciting adventure story.

Thank you to Mr. Davis for providing me with a copy for review! 🙂

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-The Giveaway-

The Giveaway Links:


This second one is the grand prize giveaway, and my post number is 7. (Mr. Davis’ blog tour kickoff post explains this 😉 )


Thanks for reading, everyone! Congrats to Mr. Davis on his latest release! My next post will be some updates for Reintegration #2! 🙂

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Blog Tour: Conqueror by Mandy Fender

I know I haven’t posted in a while, but the past couple weeks have been a little hectic as I started the new school semester. Getting back into a routine with school is always a bit tough after summer break, but now I’m hoping to resume my normal blog posting schedule.

Which brings me to today’s post….

Another blog tour post! Today, I’m here to inform you about the recent release of Mandy Fender’s book, Conqueror. Conqueror is the third book of the Defier series. I read the first book about a year ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. This series is a teen dystopian trilogy about standing up for your faith in Christ even in difficult times. And the covers are gorgeous, by the way. 

Congrats to Mandy Fender for her newest release!

About Conqueror

-A Christian Dystopian Series-

The Final Battle is on the Horizon . . .

Still heartbroken over the loss of her best friend, Sky, Lennox must face her own demons as she continues to fight against Ahab and the Regime. She now serves as a combat medic, desperately searching for survivors in war-torn America. But as the Regime grows stronger and begins to genetically enhance both humans and animals, she questions whether she and her fellow Sparrows are doing enough. After an encounter with a Prowler changes everything, she must choose between vengeance and faith in God because the next mission she goes on could be her last. Secrets will be revealed. Pasts will be forgiven. Defiers will be strengthened. When all hope seems lost, who will be left standing?

Purchase Information

-Amazon (available on KU): http://a.co/jf2aA7p

-Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/36002413-conqueror

About the Author

Mandy Fender is an award-winning author, speaker, and blogger who hopes to glorify God and uplift others. She guest blogs for Broken, Beautiful, and Bold and has a monthly inspirational article in a local newspaper. Her writing has been featured in Devozine magazine for teens and Epifiction.

It is her aim to live and love like Christ and her writing is just another avenue to do that. She’s a new homeschool mom and serves in full time ministry with her husband in the great state of Texas. If you’d like more info on her work visit: mandyfender.com

Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Google Plus



Oh, yeah. There’s a giveaway for the entire series. 🙂 How cool is that? 

Giveaway Link: http://giveawaytools2.com/giveaway.php?sk=80397075695

If you like dystopian novels, you should totally check out this series. I know I’ll definitely be reading the second and third books! 

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Reintegration Blog Tour Conclusion

Reintegration‘s release weekend was pretty fantastic.

Now that I’m starting to recover from the shock that my book is finally published, I’m also so incredibly grateful for how this last weekend went. At one point, the Kindle edition hit the #1 New Release list in it’s genre category (teen and young adult Christian science fiction <—that’s a mouthful). Yay!

A huge thank you to everyone who purchased a copy! Happy reading! <3

I also want to give a shout out to everyone who participated in the blog tour that ran from August 18th through August 22nd. Y’all are the best! It was amazing to see all of your posts about Reintegration.

Here’s a recap of the posts:

Girls’s Living for God’s Glory : book spotlight

God’s Peculiar Treasure Rae : book spotlight

Stories by Firefly : book spotlight

Novels, Dragons, and Wardrobe Doors : book spotlight

Liv Fisher : interview

Kristin Spencer : interview and review

Gabrielle N. : review

World of the Writer : review

Library in My Room : review

Unicorn Quester:  a video and an interview.

Thanks again, guys! 🙂

Other updates:

  1. I recently started a Goodreads discussion group for Reintegration. I’m part of some groups like this and they’re a lot of fun! If you’re on Goodreads and want to join, feel free to send and invite request!
  2. Also, if you’re on Goodreads, starting September 1st there will be a giveaway!
  3. The sequel is in the works! Lots of exciting things coming for Katherine and Matthew. 😉

Have a great day!

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Reintegration Release+Blog Tour


I am so excited that I finally get to share my book with you all. Publishing has been a dream of mine for several years, and it’s absolutely thrilling that it’s happening. Today I’m going to share with you some information about the release as well as announce the start of the blog tour!

…drumroll please…


(I’ve had header settings all this time?! Mind blown.)

Reintegration is available for purchase at the following outlets:



Barnes & Noble

Once you read it, would you mind leaving a review on Amazon as well as on Goodreads, if possible? Reviews are really important for authors! 🙂


Today is also the start of the Reintegration blog tour! Some pretty awesome bloggers signed up, and here is the tour schedule:

August 18 (Release day!):

Gabrielle N. (Review)

Liv Fisher (Book Info + Interview)

Unicorn Quester (Review)

Novels, Dragons, and Wardrobe Doors (Book Info)

Stories by Firefly (Book Info)

Kristin Spencer (Review + Interview)

August 19:

World of the Writer (Book Info + Review)

August 21: 

God’s Peculiar Treasure Rae (Book Info)

August 22:

Library in My Room (Review)

Thank y’all so much for the wonderful posts to help let readers know about Reintegration.    <3

Are you excited for Reintegration? 😀

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Why I Wrote Reintegration


There’s just eight days until Reintegration is officially published.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you some of the inspiration behind Reintegration. I love dystopian fiction and how powerful of a genre it can be (as I explained in this post). It can be used as a social commentary or moral warning while still being an exciting, will told story. There are three key factors that affected how I wrote Reintegration:

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A Quick Note on Fear

This morning while I was in the middle of my daily quiet time with the Lord, I started thinking about how often I worry about things. I stress about a lot, and oftentimes they are things that don’t really need to be stressed about that much. And then I started to think about how much control I give fear in my life sometimes.

Then I thought about that sentence a little more.

…how much control I give fear in my life…

That word “give” hit me really hard.

I let fear dictate my thoughts.

I let fear distract me from the promises of Jesus Christ found in Scripture. I dwell on whatever thing it is I’m stressing about and I let it fester in my mind until I’ve created a fictitious situation too difficult for me to handle. Fear has no power on it’s own. The only power fear has is the power I give it when I let it have the reins of my thoughts.

Ephesians 4:26 talks about not giving “the devil a foothold” by dwelling on anger. I wonder if the same principle applies to fear. If all we do is focus on the source of our anxiety, then we aren’t focusing on God’s promises. We aren’t mediating on Scripture. We aren’t praying. We’re forgetting about our greatest weapons against Satan’s tactics.

We forget that we are God’s children (Galatians 4:7).

We forget that He is greater than anything in this world (1 John 4:4).

We forget that His love for us is unchanging (Romans 8:38-39).

We forget that He is the source of peace (John 14:27).

Fear is nothing more than a distraction. A very powerful distraction, but just a distraction nonetheless. The object of our fear (physical harm, financial trouble, etc) may be real, but fear itself is a battle tactic to make us turn our eyes away from Jesus. It makes us think that said object of our fear is somehow greater than our Creator, our Redeemer–the one who created the entire world and who has already defeated death.

But our God is greater than anything this world throws our way.

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Book Review: The Coronation by Livy Jarmusch

Title: The Coronation

Author: Livy Jarmusch

Genre: Contemporary

*Thank you to the author for sending me a copy of The Coronation in exchange for an honest review.*

Okay, this was a super sweet story about the royal family of a fictitious kingdom. It takes place in present-day, but has the feel of a fairytale. At first a struggled a bit to keep track of all the siblings, but after a few chapters I enjoyed learning about them.

Addison, the oldest, is preparing for his soon-to-come coronation as king. The older sisters are all trying to figure out boy drama, self-esteem, and wanting to see the world beyond the sheltered castle. Meanwhile, a new security guard is torn between loyalty to the royal family and committing in act of treason for his criminal father….

There’s a lot of story lines but they are all balanced well and I never felt like the book was cluttered. It’s a pretty long book (over 450 pages) but is also a fairly easy read. The length is due mostly to the high number of characters as opposed to overly-wordy writing.

There are some sweet themes like trusting God, loyalty, purity, and overcoming heartbreak. Some mature topics are mentioned, but are very brief and described tastefully. Christianity is a key part of the siblings’ lives, which I appreciated. And they’re homeschooled! That’s also a plus, as it’s rare to find homeschooled characters in fiction.

I did have a couple complaints:

First of all, there was quite a bit of head-hopping that I found distracting–especially since there are so many different character perspectives. I would have rather just had one character’s perspective per scene rather than several.

Also, I thought it was a little unrealistic that all of the older siblings were having similar relationship drama situations at the exact same time. Not to mention, it’s a bit obvious who is going to end up with who, in my opinion. Not quite “insta-love”, but still very clear that the two characters liked each other right off the bat.

Other than that, I thought this was a cute story left open for a sequel. Fans of fairytales and contemporary stories should enjoy this! You can learn more about it on Goodreads.

Have you read The Coronation? What did you think?

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