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I’m Ashley, and thank you for stopping by!

The world tells us our Christian values are “old-fashioned”, absolute truths don’t exist, evolution is science, and faith in Christ isn’t the only way to heaven. What do we say when faced with topics like these? What does the Bible say? It’s frustrating to have our faith attacked and not know how to respond. I find myself in that position all the time. I started this blog to provide teens with words from the Bible to help them as they’re faced with day-to-day issues.

I love to read, but sadly, worldly views permeate most modern literature. Young adult novels tend to be dark and riddled with inappropriate content. I have found, however, that there’s some amazing Christian alternatives in all kinds of genres, so on this blog I’m also going to talk about Christian books I love! Most of what I read is science-fiction and fantasy, but I also love mysteries and historic fiction.

In my next post, I’m going to talk about what the Bible says in regard to entertainment.

God bless!

What Christian novels do you love?

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