Movie Review: Bridge of Spies

Earlier this week, my family and I went and saw the new movie¬†Bridge of Spies.¬†The movie follows a lawyer, named Jim Donovan, who is given the task of defending an alleged Soviet spy during the Cold War. Everyone tells Jim to just do the barest minimum and sort of “go through the motions” with his case. The man is a spy for the Russians, after all. Why should he be given the same rights as American citizens?

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Book Review: Spin by Darcie Gudger

Spin by Darcie J. Gudger

Title: Spin

Author: Darcie Gudger

Publisher: Mountainview Books

Genre: YA Contemporary

When I picked up Spin, I branched away from my usual reading material, which tends to consist of spaceships, evil tyrants, sword fights–if it’s a speculative novel, I’m all over it. But Spin was a nice change. It was real, raw, emotional.

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Exciting Things Ahead

We are just a few weeks away from our big move!

This past week we went on a house hunting trip and got to explore the area we’ll be moving to. Now that we have a place secured on the other end, this moving thing feels so much more real now. We’re so excited about settling into our new home, making new friends, and getting established in a new area.

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Verses of Comfort

These past few weeks have been rough.

As in, I-want-to-burst-into-tears-and pull-my-hair-out rough. There are exciting things in store for me and my family, but we’re having to wade through some trying events to get there. God has good plans for us; but I’m having trouble seeing it right now. I find myself reflecting on God’s promises in His Word to remind me that He’s with me, even through the rough times.

Here are some of the verses I like to turn to:

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