Book Review: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

photoTitle: Red Queen

Author: Victoria Aveyard

Genre: Dystopian/Fantasy

In Red Queen, there are two groups: the elite ruling class (the Silvers) and the oppressed common folk (the Reds). At first this may sound like most dystopians, but there’s a twist. The Silvers have superpowers while the Reds do not. Protagonist Mare is a Red, who steals to help feed her family and dreads the day she will be sent to war. The story drags on for a few chapters, until Mare learns she has an ability that should be impossible for her to have.

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Why a Christian College?

Hello, everyone!

I apologize for not doing a post last week, but I was out-of-town at Boise Bible College’s youth conference, Preview. I had a lot of fun. They had a guest speaker come out and teach the chapel sessions and also gave attendees the opportunity to stay in the dorms. I met some awesome people, and I have some other exciting news:

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Movie Review: Batman vs. Superman

Yesterday my mom and I decided to go see Batman vs. Superman. We both love Batman. Neither of us thought the movie was going to be phenomenal, but we expected something mildly entertaining. Did the movie exceed our expectations?

Here’s the short review:

It stunk.

Here’s the long review:

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