Three Reasons Why I Love Dystopian Fiction

I used to shy away from dystopian books because they’re dark. They have depressing endings. They scare the reader into being paranoid about the future. They show a bleak, senselessly violent world where God does not exist.

This is true….for most of the secular dystopian market.

When I first started reading dystopian novels, I didn’t like them. At all. They left me feeling disgusted and depressed. What happened to happy endings? Why didn’t we see the protagonist triumph not only over the Evil Totalitarian Government, but against their own personal conflicts?

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A Father’s Day Post

This Sunday is Father’s Day! I can’t believe we’re already mid-way through June.

I remember when I was six or seven years old my dad read The Chronicles of Narnia–the series that made me fall in love with reading–to me. It’s still one of my favorite memories with my dad.

We live in a world where kids and dads often don’t have good relationships. That’s why I’m so grateful for mine, who shows me every day what a man who seeks after God looks like. He has given me a standard of what to look for in a future husband. He wants to be involved in my life and helps me through some of the big challenges I have coming as I grow older. He’s always been my provider, my protector, and my friend. I’m thankful for the time we spent building with Legos and working in the garage…even for the times he helped me with my math homework.

Thank you, Dad, for being the awesomest father a girl could have!


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Favorite Book Titles

Last week I wrote a post on my favorite book covers. I thought I’d continue that thread…this time on book titles!

The meaning behind some book titles are really, really obvious. For example, in Matched by Ally Condie, the title makes sense by the end of the first chapter….because the main character is going to her Matching Ceremony! Same with Anomaly by Krista McGee…the main character is what’s known as an “anomaly” in her society. Titles like these make sense right from the start.

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Favorite Book Covers

I’m what’s known in the reading world as a “book cover snob.”

Basically, I do in fact judge a book by it’s cover. It’s hard not to. I personally think the cover is a huge factor when making a decision to buy a book. The cover cues the reader in to the genre, mood, and sometimes even theme of the novel.

And some are just pretty to look at.

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