Top 3 Fictional Heroines

Female protagonists are all the rage these days.

I almost always write from a girl’s perspective; that’s just what comes naturally to me. I love reading a book or watching a movie where the protagonist is someone I can see as a role model.¬†Unfortunately, it’s hard to find female characters who actually are role models.

So….*drumroll*….here are my top three fictional heroines!


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Book Review: Reached by Ally Condie

The final installment of a trilogy is always bittersweet.

There’s the excitement of finally seeing how the story ends. There’s nothing more satisfying than to come to the resolution of a series you’ve invested time and emotion into. But there’s also a bit of hesitation. What if the series doesn’t end as you hoped it would? There’s the realization that this is the last time you’ll visit the world and characters.

Isn't that cover amazing?
Isn’t that cover amazing?
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