3 Stories That Break the Mold

On my Goodreads account, I have a shelf (a “shelf” is a category you can organize books in) dedicated solely to books/series that I thought had a certain level of uniqueness to them. If you’ve read a lot like I have, you know that after a while most stories and characters start to feel, well…generic. Plot twists become predictable. All the protagonists of books in the same genre look and talk and act identical to each other. It’s rare to find a book that makes me go “Wow, I haven’t seen anything like that before”. But sometimes I do.

If you’re looking for something to read that stands out, here’s three books/series you can try:

1- The Out of Time Trilogy by Nadine Brandes

Dystopian fiction is one of my favorite genres, so when I picked up A Time to Die, I expected a dystopian novel that was just like all the others I’d read. But A Time to Die (and the consecutive novels) blew me away with how unique it was. Sure, it featured a teenage protagonist, a mysterious love interest, and a struggle against a corrupt society. But the premise itself is what made A Time to Die so original. Basically, everyone is given a clock when they’re born that counts down to the moment they die. Except the protagonist, Parvin, shares a clock with her twin brother. Neither of them know whose it is, which is technically illegal. Cool, huh?

(You can read my review of A Time to Die here)

2- Unblemished by Sara Ella

Isn’t the cover gorgeous?

Fantasy is another really popular genre for teens. Unblemished took a lot of over-done elements and put a spin on them, like the love triangle. The idea of the Void was something I hadn’t seen before, either.

3- The Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer

(The picture won’t load here. Huh.)

This one is a secular series (so it’s not squeaky-clean but is better than most). The premise is surprisingly simple, and yet this has to be one of the most original genre-mash-ups I’ve seen yet.

It’s a fairy tale retelling. Where the characters from four different fairy tales all know each other. Set in a dystopian society. With space travel. And lots and lots of cheesy humor. Basically, it’s a fairy tale/dystopian/space opera/comedy. I actually didn’t know a lot about the series before I started Cinder, but by the time I was done I found it to be one of the more intriguing premises I’d read in a while.

Have you read any of these books?

What is the most original story premise you’ve read?

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  1. I’ve yet to read the Lunar Chronicles, but I’ve read the others 😀 I agree that both Nadine and Sara brought something unique to their genre. I fell in love with the Out of Time series much more quickly but I liked Unblemished by the end 😉

  2. I was looking at Unblemished, but I think there’s a lot of magic as the series progresses. Is there? Cause if I’m wrong then good, I really want to check it out. 😉

    1. The first book is the only one out yet, but the second one comes out soon! 😀 There was some magic, but it was similar to what’s in The Chronicles of Narnia or Star Wars.

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