Entertainment and the Value of Human Life

I remember taking an American Literature class my senior year of high school. I really enjoyed it, and not just because I love reading and I love history (especially American history). I found it fascinating, because it showed me how entertainment not only reflects culture, but also influences it. When I looked at the various time periods, I saw how the books, poems, and short stories written expressed how people felt at that time. I witnessed how society viewed God, morality, science, technology, government, etc.

We oftentimes dismiss entertainment as just that. Entertainment. Movies, books, and songs make us laugh, stir our emotions, and provide a brief respite from the reality of life.

But there is something deeper to entertainment that we often fail to realize.

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The Gray Area: What Does the Bible Say About Entertainment?

For Christians, navigating the world of entertainment can be something of a “gray area”. Is it a sin to watch a movie with inappropriate content? Is there any harm in reading books that contain profanity? It would be a lot simpler if the Bible had verses like “Thou shall not read books by (insert author name)” or “Listening to (insert song title) is sin”.

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