Why I Wrote Reintegration


There’s just eight days until Reintegration is officially published.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you some of the inspiration behind Reintegration. I love dystopian fiction and how powerful of a genre it can be (as I explained in this post). It can be used as a social commentary or moral warning while still being an exciting, will told story. There are three key factors that affected how I wrote Reintegration:

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Reintegration Cover Reveal!!!

Hello, everyone!!!

Today is a really big day because I’m finally going to show you the cover for my soon-to-come (as in: one month from now) dystopian novel, Reintegration. I had the privilege of working with Magpie Designs, and they did a FANTASTIC job of creating a cover that is absolutely gorgeous and I think fits the feel of the book very well. 

Without any further delay…here is the cover for Reintegration:

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Reintegration Blog Tour Sign Up


Hello, everyone!

TUESDAY IS REINTEGRATION‘S COVER REVEAL! I’m so excited to share the cover with all of you (and some cool bloggers will also be helping out). Also, as of Tuesday, it will officially be one month until the release date.

Which brings me to…

The Reintegration blog tour sign up!

If anyone with a blog would like to help spread the word about Reintegration around the time of the release, just fill out the form below and I can e-mail you with more details. 🙂

Thank you so much! I look forward to hearing from you.

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