Who Am I?

Our identity is a big thing.

We put a lot of emphasis into who we are. We wear our identity proudly. We want everyone to know our opinions, our beliefs, our aspirations. There are a lot of things that we think define us. Things that we think make up the essence of who we are. Sometimes I wonder about this. What do people think when they talk to me?

Am I the girl who tries too hard to be perfect, whether it’s her words, her actions, or her grades?

Am I the girl who loves to laugh but who also cries easily?

Am I the girl whose lifelong dream is to publish a book?

Am I the girl who sometimes talks too much and other times thinks too much?

Am I the only child, the college student, the dreamer, the geek, the perfectionist, the writer?

Do any of these things define me?

Who am I?

I’ve wonder about this a lot. Over time, I’ve started to realize that no, none of these things define me. They are part of who I am, but they are not who I am.

Or rather, Whose I am.

My identity does not lie in my accomplishments or my present circumstances. My identity lies in my wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ. I am His, and nothing else matters. He bought me at a price, a high price.

But sometimes I forget this.

Sometimes I get too caught up in what people think of me, whether or not I can achieve my life dreams, or if I’m even chasing the right dreams.

Sometimes I don’t take the time to remember that I am a child of God, a daughter of the King.

I need to remember that the point is not what I accomplish.

The point is what He accomplished.

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  1. Really enjoyed reading your post. Very profound! Good reminder of where our self worth lies…in Jesus Christ. It is so easy to get caught up in what others think or even what we think of ourselves. At the end of the day we have to remember we were beautifully and wonderfully made by our Heavenly Father, God.

    Always a joy to read your blog Ashley!

  2. “Who am I?”
    To some, I’m a shadow of their past, reminding them of things no longer remembered. To some, I am merely another human being. To most, I fail to exist.
    And to a few…
    I’m a solider, here one moment, gone the next. Once I was called Warrior of the Mist…

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